DAM:  Iza Bella aka Colorado
PSSM= clear/negitive   ||   (SSFF Hustler  x Anchor Mare)   
(Nobby Grand-daughter - 13.3h)

The Anchor Mare (Nobby x Paleface Daughter)
Nobby is now 20 and sired by Lottery(deceased)
Nobby is sired by the infamous Lottery.
AND The Anchor Mare(dam) is
2012 GHRA World Show Supreme Chanpion Mare.

A fabulous addition to any Gypsy Barn!
**Colorado has a interesting coat color;
roaning w/silver on black,
She most likey carries a grey gene
like her dam
Colorado is black/white(like her dam to the right),
the photos  taken mid-summer make her look brown,
it is black with grey,  not brown maybe faded black at best.
Dams SIRE: HUSTLER   x   THe Anchor MAre
Dam's SIRE:  Nobby (Infamous LOTTERY x Vines Mare)

Contact : 612/386-8476
2013 Colt R. Lottery
Micheal Vines Nobby
THE Lottery Horse
(Nobby's Sire)
Exceptional gypsy  SIBLINGS  by SIr Royal Excalibur....
BUT In the gypsy bred, or any breed  this is a TREASURE to find!
And her bloodlines put her over the TOP as a producer!!
2014 Colt MAverick
Colorado (13.3h Hustler x Anchor -Nobby-Lottery daughter)
2013  ROYAL's  LOTTERY  =>


<= 2014  Royals Maverick  
13APR 2018  /PSSM=clear
SIlver DappleFILLY Coca Cabana -
means Princess of the Sea.
(Sir royal Silver Prince x  Nobby/Lottery Colorado