Gypsy Dance   
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BORN: 6/2010      EE|| ZZ      -exp 15+h

Cover Girl  aka CG - (Kahlua x Sir Royal Excalibur)
2010 Homozygous SILVER Dapple filly
ONE  AND ONLY  in the US maybe world!
CG is dripping in feather and pretty  w/x-pretty kind eyes
ONLY for  sale to the breeder who wants the BEST of the BEST!
NOT  everyone can own one as we
limit our breedings !!!

RUMORS- some mis-informed gypsy owners think a homozygous silver dapple will be blind.  NOT TRUE!!
Hence   the Rocky Mt breed are all blind.  (a herd of horses running into trees out there?   Thousands of them!! ))   

DON'T believe all the rumors they are un-founded and spread by jealous people   who are bad-company  
and  don't understand  breeding on many levels.   
Confirm your facts and not be lead by the BLIND!!!!
FACT:  This filly has been tested and she's  just   FINE!   other than she has soo much hair in her eyes!!!    
kahlua &
Baby  &  yearling photos