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&  producing  the BEST OF THE BREED!!    

WE are not just about GYPSY  SILVER DAPPLE color....
ROYAL foals are winning champion of champions in the Gypsy showring!

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Royal Liberty Belle  - 2011 Black/EE Filly/Private Stock
(BOB the BLAGDON bloodlines  DNA confirmed )

COVER GIRL      Absolutely stunning!!!!
Homozygous SILVER Dapple filly (Kahlua x Sir Royal Excalibur)
Cover Girl see her video:
SOLD!!   Keeper!!!We have decided to KEEP this Fantastic FILLY!!!

ROYAL Jewels  -  2010  BLACK Silver Dapple (SIr Royal  x Jazz)  
FANTASTIC  filly by Royal!!    A filly for those who want to breed the best of the best!

                                                  Confirmed  Bob the Blagdon bloodlines..
SOLD! Congrats! Jamie and Katie!
*SOLD Congrats Clarice!     
Royal Jewels(below-sold) FULL  sister!   
Colts *Stallions *GELDINGS  for sale

ROYAL KNIGHT -  2011  Solid BLACK COLT (Sir Royal  x Tinkerbella)
FULL brother to ROYAL
GOLD who is  
2X champion of
champions in the
THIS is ONE nice COLT!!!

ROYAL Princess & her Stunning colt -
         sold  Congrats Nancy!!!
ROYAL RIO - *Silver Dapple colt w/Agouti aka SILVER Dapple BAY!  
BD - 4/27/2012   exp: 14.3+h               
**Silver- nZ |RFactor - Ee |  Agouti- Aa | Cream- nn   *Rare color to the breed

REST IN PEACE  MY DEAR FREIND!  we love you......
THIS is one FLASHY colt!!!!  Athletic!  *SOLD* CONGRATS Hill!
2011  Colts Royal Fortune & Knight

SOLD   SOLD   <below>      SOLD     SOLD * Click for  Hall of Fame  
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Silver  Dapple, Buckskins ,  Silver Buckskins and more
Legendary Sir Royal Excalibur
(Nobby/Lottery bloodlines)
Solid Silver Dapple w/white splash on
& 4/white socks *SOLD*

Royal RIO Grande

Silver Buckskin!
RFactor |  Agouti | Cream | Silver
Ee     |    Aa      |    nCr    |    nZ
Tests are in!
Like his sire black pts came as yearling!

***Pending *SOLD*