GYPSY Dance Ranch     Jewel.........
Royal  Knight  born:5/2/2008
( SIR Royal Excalibur 15.1h  x Jewel 15+h)
This Royal  Colt  will put MORE black on your white mares!!    
Perfect  Black Blagdon w/4 knee-high socks and blaze
SOLD-  Special SALE - 3-in-one package

Royal Knight  is one  handsome DUDE!!!
Jewel  also for sale is a 4star  Gypsy mare and producer!!!
Sweet Sweet mare.   She will be the
first one to greet you!

WAS Bred  by
the  UK SD(Steve Downs) farm.
This is a breeder, who is very
protective of his stock.  Not just anyone
can buy for him, and he doesn't sell to
people in England.  He doesn't want the
other lads to get his good blood.
born: uk 2005  SIRED by the Chief (sired by The OLD horse
of Wales) /GVHS-GV01230F
2008 Royal x Jewel COLT
2008 Royal Knight (10/2008) and Princess.
Both born the same day
2008 Royal Knight (Blagdon)
1 month old
shoulder, check out his good bone and
pretty head.
He will PUT  black  back
on your x-white mares
with PROVEN  
BOSS bloodlines!!!
This little guy is x-friendly   and
an easy keep,  he is so fat look at the
10/2008 photos.
Knight is a brick house!